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I'm not dead yet!

 So, as you can see, I'm still here.  Been a bit busy lately, tho.  I just got back from a camping trip,  (It is sooo cold here, I almost wish I hadn't come home.)  so I thought I'd see what was up.  I haven't been very interesting lately, since I am spending so much time working on everything that I have no energy left to cause trouble  :(  I have a new friend named Kent (such an awesome name, ne?)  and am getting another job soon, as a cook at a restaurant.  I am still very interested in reading your stories, I just have less time to do it.  I am looking for suggestions for musical pieces to work on, preferably classical piano and flute, with images to be posted of the results.  That's about all that's been up with me lately, how about you?

IIIII'm Back!!

 Welll...for those of you who don't know, I was at a youth retreat this weekend, but yeah, I'm back now.  ~goes and takes a nap~   hahaha  ummmso we had mad fun, stayed up waaay too late, and ate junk food, wheee!!!  so yeah, really, nothing's up now...I'm bored!!!!  lol but seriously, it was awesome.  And now I'm confused, because I don't know what's going on in this f-d up head of mine, cause I can't make this super simple choice, which is guys, as usual when I'm confused, so yeah, it sucks.  I think I'm giving up on the whole bf-gf deal for a bit, see if it gets any simpler.  And yeah, if anyone has any advice on how to choose between two seemingly equally awesome guys, I'd love to hear it!!  ttfn,



 ~yawn~  ....  ~blinkblinkblink~  why hello there!!  i am raven, and i am sleepy.  i am an exceedingly random person, and i enjoy many random things.  i like most people, unless of course they have decided they will not like me.  then they're no fun, so why bother?  i love stories more than anything except chocolate and music, so that should tell you.  i love happy endings, and lots of adventure.  i am, sadly, an insomniac, so i cannot do as much running around as i used to.  because i am always tired.  so.  now i read stories instead.  in case you hadnt noticed, i am too lazy to use the shift button or put in apostrophes the majority of the time. it's not that i dont know how to use either device (my dad is an English teacher), it is simply that i dont want to bother on something as casual as a journal entry.  now my mind is wandering with my subject matter, so i am going outside as it is a lovely day.  ttfn!




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